уторак, 09. фебруар 2010.

Serratella ignita

Serratella ignita is one of the most famous and common aquatic insect of Europe. That mayfly is important food for trout, grayling, chub and other fish species. Its way of hatching is such that attracts the attention of fish. Completely unprotected nymph emerges from the bottom surface of open water. It lives in various types of fresh water. It is not sensitive to pollution, so we can find it in the trout area as well as in the area of chub. From the moment when the nymph hatch to subimago, it got the name Blue Winged Olive Dun, famous BWO. Subimago BWO spend some time floating on the surface of water. Nearly motionless, it is easy prey for fish. When Its wings are dry enough, subimago fly to a nearby rock, tree or wall. There is later another transform, to adult imago-spinner. Spinner body is no longer olive, nor are his wings greyish-blue-dun. Now, it has transparent wings and rusty-brownish body. Adult females return to water to lay eggs. This is the last chance for the fish to grab that insect.

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Fly Fishing On Drina River

Drina is the largest mountain river of the Balkans. The flow and the width of the Drina are greater than all the Balkan rivers with salmonids. About 200 kilometers of the river has trout similar species. It has four species of salmonids: huchen, brown trout, lake trout and grayling. Fly fishing is very popular, and most flyfishermen chasing Grayling. Almost nobody has yet been brave enough to try huchen.
The most popular part of the Drina River is below the dam in Perucac, where runs as the border between Bosnia and Serbia. The tailwater is always a crystal clear and cold, and the river is very accessible for fly fishing. There are many places with decent access. The stream has a moderate speed so it is not difficult to present a dry fly. You may sometimes need to cast over 20 meters, but it will be not a problem with good double haul casts.

The best periods for fishing grayling and trout is between mid May and late June and later from mid September to late October.
For huchen is best to try at the end of autumn and during winter.
Recommended tackle for grayling and trout is 9 feet
, 5 or 6 weight rod and floating line. Recommended tackle for huchen is the same as for taimen or big pike, 9-10 feet, 8-10 weight rod.
Average Grayling and trout from the river Drina are quite large. Fish from 1 to 2 kg are common. Huchen is the largest salmonid in the world, and the Drina River is famous by that fish. There were caught specimens of over 35 kg!